Bữa tối tại Viet Village

Thức ăn 

Đồ Uống


“Banh mi” with pâté

“Banh mi” with meat ball in tomato sauce

Stewed offal

Sticky rice with pâté

Sticky rice with grilled pork in tamarind sauce

Beef porridge

Fish porridge

Basket clam porridge

Rice noodle with snakehead

Snakehead fish in flower noodle soup

Rice noodle with grilled pork, deep fried spring roll

Spicy seafood noodle soup

Mixed rice noodle with beef/pork (small)

Mixed rice noodle with beef/pork (medium)


Crispy rice cake with pâté and pork floss

Wild shrimps roasted with salt

Stuffed snail steamed with ginger leaves

Salted fried chicken cartilage

Deep fried small anabas served with tamarind sauce

Rustic platter

3-way appertizer

Fermented pork roll

Grilled pork roll

Brawn paste in ground roasted rice


Green papaya salad with Dong Thap’s ox jerky

Wild veggie salad with veal

Tam Ky chicken salad

Gia Lai wild veggie salad with tuna

Young ambarella salad with crispy river anchovies

Clam and fig salad

Centella asiatica salad

Flowers salad with wild shrimps

Kohlrabi salad with wild prawn and pork ear