Dining at Mặn Mòi



Mặn Mòi treasures this art of turning food into enjoyable treat. It is comparable to how Mothers and Grand Mothers can always make meals feel homey. And it is this magic that inspires us to select the local produces and turn them into homely dishes, be it a salad, or a stew, a soup, or a desert. We do it with care, because we hope that the elegance of Vietnamese cuisine is fully apparent in each dish here, and that you would enjoy it best.

Warm and hearty

“Banh mi” with pâté

“Banh mi” with meat ball in tomato sauce

Stewed offal

Sticky rice with pâté

Sticky rice with grilled pork in tamarind sauce

Beef porridge

Fish porridge

Basket clam porridge

Rice noodle with snakehead

Snakehead fish in flower noodle soup

Rice noodle with grilled pork, deep fried spring roll

Spicy seafood noodle soup

Mixed rice noodle with beef/pork (small)

Mixed rice noodle with beef/pork (medium)


Crispy rice cake with pâté and pork floss

Wild shrimps roasted with salt

Stuffed snail steamed with ginger leaves

Salted fried chicken cartilage

Deep fried small anabas served with tamarind sauce

Rustic platter

3-way appertizer

Fermented pork roll

Grilled pork roll

Brawn paste in ground roasted rice


Green papaya salad with Dong Thap’s ox jerky

Wild veggie salad with veal

Tam Ky chicken salad

Gia Lai wild veggie salad with tuna

Young ambarella salad with crispy river anchovies

Clam and fig salad

Centella asiatica salad

Flowers salad with wild shrimps

Kohlrabi salad with wild prawn and pork ear

Cool and light

Deep-fried Spring roll

Grilled eel sausage

Fried chicken in Pandan leaf wrap

Grilled frog cake in turmeric leaf

Deep-fried Spring roll

Grilled eel sausage

Fried chicken in Pandan leaf wrap

Grilled frog cake in turmeric leaf

Main dishes – just like at home


Taro soup with minced eco-shrimps

Dried pig skin soup

Ricefield crab and jute leaves soup

Stewed pork tale with lotus root

Sour basket clams soup

Ribs and colocasia gigantea soup

Sour catfish soup

Main dishes

Stir fried pork belly in shrimp paste

Stewed catfish with fish sauce

Stewed snakehead fish with sour fruit

Wild shrimps simmered in onion sauce

Omelet with basket clams and dill



Stir fried tonkin creeper with beef

Stir fried pickled cabbage with pork greaves

Sauteed water morning glory with shrimp paste

Sauteed water spinach in spicy sauce

Sauteed local wild veegie in spicy sauce

Fried rice in clay pot

Fried rice with Ca Mau eco-crab meat

Fried rice with Ca Mau eco-shrimp

Fried rice with beef and cabbage pickles

Fried rice with sweet basil

Fried rice with crispy pork greaves

Regional feast

Fried seabass with mango sauce

Steamed squid with lime and green coriander sauce

Fried squid in fish sauce

Grilled chicken with white basil

Fine vermicelli with grilled beef

Grilled spare ribs with ant salt – Deep-fried sticky rice

2-style duck breast (Pan- fried and grilled with galangal)

Pan-fried duck breast with Mai Que Lo wine

Grilled duck breast with galangal

Grilled pork jowl meat with clausena leaves

Grilled pork hock in Tay Bac style

Grilled brook sturgeon

Regional feast (Grilled chicken with white basil, Grilled spare ribs with ant salt, Fine vermicelli with grilled beef)


Stomach stew with burdock

Farm chicken with young tamarind leaf hot pot

White pomfret hotpot

Field Snakehead hotpot with flowers

Spiny eel with fermented rice hot pot

H’Mong chicken with white basil hot pot

Sturgeon in fermented rice hotpot

Ricefield crab hotpot

Duck stew with dracontomelon hotpot

Brook sturgeon dipped in fruit vinegar

Eel hot pot with pip banana

Chill and cheers

We prepare special menus depending on the season so that you could enjoy various fresh specialties!

Just let us know your needs 1 day in advance, we’ll have your wish list ready!

Grilled cobia fish with satay and hot & sour cobia fish hot pot

Steam seabass with lime

Steamed snakehead fish with calabash

Steamed chicken in herbs,served with spicy sauce

Stewed beef with pate

Sashimi lobster and taro stem porridge with lobster

Grilled prawn with green coriander sauce

Roasted duck with pepper sauce

Rare shrimp salad in lime sauce


Banana ice-cream

Go Cong fermented rice

Toddy palm sweet soup – cold

Green jelly with coconut milk and palm syrup

Grilled banana in sticky rice

Bean curd in ginger caramel sauce – cold

Bean curd in ginger caramel sauce – hot